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Who am I and WHY am I starting a blog? I am a stay at home mother to my son who is currently a toddler. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and I live and breathe scientific research even when I am not employed as a research scientist. It is wonderful that in this day and age we are privy to such a wealth of knowledge through the Internet.

My hobbies, aside from researching any and everything, include music, animals, and ocean life. My love of music began when I was very young. I started playing the piano around the age of three and with a father who was once a band and choir instructor, I have always been exposed to music in so many ways. I moved on to middle school band where I started with trombone, moved to percussion, and then to clarinet (jack of all trades so I went where needed). As I moved on to high school and then college and community band, I picked up the bass clarinet. Out of every instrument I have ever played, the bass is my life. I love every part of playing the bass clarinet. I love that sometimes we play the bass in a song and sometimes we are more part of the melody. I enjoy how we can have very challenging parts and then have laid back parts in a piece. This really allows me to take in each song and live through it. You really get to savor a piece when you are part of the bass line. Music is more than a hobby to me as well. It is therapy, there is nothing better than escaping a stressful day by either going to band practice to be a part of making beautiful music or putting on your favorite playlist to dissect each part of a song (we can get more into that in another post).

Animals are another love of mine. I grew up on a fairly large farm. In my farm life I have owned horses, chickens, cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, and rabbits. For two years, I was the President of my equine 4H club. I showed multiple horses in every discipline. I especially love English riding, Dressage, jumping, and driving. I have owned Arabians, Thoroughbreds, ponies, and a couple Quarter Horses. I always wanted a Shire, but our barn could not accommodate the height of a full draft horse. As I moved out on my own I have kept my cats, I currently own 3 (another blog post to come). Animals are also therapy, as you will find out later.

My love of the ocean…I don’t live near an ocean, this is sad. As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with Orcas. I have a specific love for the Southern Resident Orcas of Puget Sound and have come to study everything about them. They are currently a threatened group and teeter constantly on the edge of endangered. I made it my mission to become a Marine Biologist to study them more and to help research ways to keep them from becoming endangered.   This led to me working hard to make sure I was able to get into not just a good school, but also the university closest to my beloved whales! With that there came so many hurdles (of course that will be another post).

Lastly, but certainly not least, is my son. Gustav has been the best child there is (you know, while still having the normal meltdowns because I can’t hold him while preparing the food, but he will continue the meltdown because he is hungry!). Ever since he was born we have had strangers acknowledge his presence. He has the looks and personality that make you stop in your tracks and engage. He also has had a very complex existence from mid-pregnancy until now. Through it all he has NEVER let it get him down. He takes doctor appointments like a champ. The last time we pulled into the ER parking lot I told him we were at the ER and he giggled…It made me kind of want to turn around and go home, because who wants to spend ANY amount of time in the ER let alone with a child that has been there so frequently that he is actually happy to be there. You question if you actually NEED to be there when they start giggling. My son’s ongoing journey is definitely going to be the first blog post after this. Having a Science degree has really helped me be his advocate. Having my own health journey has prepared me for his as well. I have gained so much knowledge and experience that I can’t help but share it all. I have already helped many with what I have learned, and I hope through this blog I can help many more.

My life tends to live on the side of rare. If you feel like your life just isn’t the average life everyone is living, and you keep wondering, “why me?” then this is the best place to start. I hope that through my blog you will feel less alone and isolated. I hope that you will gain either knowledge to apply towards your life or understanding to use towards others around you. Everything I write about is true; everything I reference or advise on is completely based on personal knowledge and experience. I will include links to other places of reference and resources when needed and will ALWAYS remind you to follow up with a licensed healthcare professional when needed. Knowledge is power. This will give you that extra little piece of knowledge in your journeys to take with you. This could just be the place that you find that ONE missing piece of information that you needed to make your life easier, or that condition that you didn’t know had a name but now have ideas to talk to your doctor about.

I want to close in saying this: I put my faith in the Lord. You do not have to be religious to read my blog nor reap its benefits, but I encourage you to consider it as a helpful resource. Without putting faith in the Lord, I would not be here today. As my daddy always said, God never gives you more than he thinks you can handle (when you feel like you can’t handle it, he wants you to turn to Him). We ALL go through hard times, it helps us grow and through our growth we are able to help others and ourselves. The struggles I have been through in my life have been intense and make you question why you are here. I feel that through all these experiences I have been called to help others. It is my greatest joy in life to see, hear, and help people through their hard times by applying my knowledge and experiences. It gives meaning to every struggle. This is why I am blogging. Time and time again I have had people tell me I need to blog because my knowledge and experiences have helped them so much. I want to share that with you because that is what I have been called to do.

I hope you will expand your knowledge and understanding through these blogs and highly encourage you to reach out to me (in the contact me link). My knowledge and experiences span so many different areas that it is people like you, my readers, that will give me the inspiration on topics to continue to help others.   If I don’t have the answers, I promise to you that I will seek them out wherever they may be and report back.

With that I say, happy reading and don’t forget to share this blog with others because helping as many people as we can, gives us all power! <3

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The one true God is my mighty refuge; he removes obstacles in my way. 2 Sam 22:33

A Wise warrior is strong, and a man of knowledge makes his strength stronger. Prov. 24:5

Each of you should be concerned not only about your own interests, but about the interests of others as well. Phil. 2:4

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